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  • Keep the water clean and clear. Check the water level in your vase and replenish or replace with fresh cool water daily.

  • Give the stems a fresh cut (about 1/2" at a 45 degree angle) with a sharp knife or floral scissors under running water. When flowers have been out of water, their stems begin to close and they start wilting. Giving them a fresh cut will re-open the stems and allow them to drink again. 

  • If your flowers were arranged in a vase with a tape grid, cut the tape around the perimeter of your vase to free the bouquet. Keep the flowers arranged by holding the bouquet together in one hand trimming the stems with your other hand before returning the bouquet to a vase of fresh water.

  • Some flowers will last longer than others so remove tired blooms to prevent clouding the water and spreading decay.

  • Flowers do best away from direct sunlight, drafts and ripening fruits which emit ethylene gas. Ethylene causes buds to remain closed, petals to have poor color, and flowers to have a shortened vase life.

As a special events florist, I do not have a retail shop where you can purchase flowers but I do pop up around town every now and then. Sign up to receive my e-newsletter for announcements about special holiday offerings or my next pop up!

As an event florist, my floral arrangements and bouquets are custom designed and made to order for special events and holidays.

Yes, just fill out the Special Occasion order form under services and give as much notice as possible.

Yes, please fill out the Special Event order form or send an email to and I will follow up. Group orders are encouraged so ask friends who need them and order together!

Yes, I deliver special occasion and floral subscription arrangements locally within 15 miles of the City of Falls Church and with at least 5 days notice. Order minimums and additional fees apply for delivery and fees vary based on distance and quantity.

For Special Occasion arrangement deliveries, a minimum of 5 days notice is required. Since I don't have a shop stocked with inventory, flowers are purchased specifically for your order so placing orders ahead of time allows me to select the freshest in-season florals for you! To place a delivery order, just go to the Services page and click on the link for Special Occasion arrangements to submit your request online! Orders will be reviewed and confirmed via email.

I can accept cash, check, credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. Please just let me know your preference. Payments are accepted after the order is confirmed.

Event florists do not have a storefront. The flowers are custom designed, sourced and made to order, specifically for you.

Sending special occasion flowers out for daily deliveries for birthdays and anniversaries for example is different from creating floral arrangements for weddings and special events. For daily deliveries the flowers are more closed so they can bloom in your home and have a longer vase life. No flower lasts forever, though, and exists to be enjoyed in the moment. 

Much of what I design with has an ephemeral beauty that doesn’t last two weeks in a vase as much as we wish they all would. The flowers I chose for my designs are premium flowers which means visually stunning and unique, not necessarily long lasting. However, if you change the water regularly, give the stems a fresh cut and keep away from direct sun and heat you will be surprised how many of the blooms last for a week or more for you to enjoy.

I have been designing for 20+ years! After starting in retail at a small boutique flower shop I discovered the world of special events and fell in love. I introduced Tang Austin Floral Designs to select retail businesses in 2018 and have been growing ever since!

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